Why Launchpad

How can your company grow in the United States, if you do not have a multi-million dollars budget? With Launchpad you can grow your US business on a limited or often fixed budget. US business development and associated costs can be expensive! An average senior business executive with associated operational costs can be over $350,000 per year and nine of the ten sales calls he or she will make in the US or Canada can be a complete waste of time! Therefore, starting off with test-marketing your products and services for the US is key to your success. Launchpad can be your trusted partner for US business expansion!

Launchpad is strategically located in Fort Worth, Texas. If as a stand-alone country, Texas would be the 10th largest economy in the world, second in the United States and a popular home to many Fortune 500 Companies, making it an ideal place for conducting and growing your business.

The team at Launchpad is filled with dedicated and driven entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs with cumulative experience of over 100 years in disparate fields and capacities, we grasp the complexities and challenges inherent in the US market. We have extensive connection and access to markets not only in Texas but also across North America.