It’s simple. We help you Launch, Grow and Scale.

We have the top-level talent you need to grow your idea and business at a price that will help you scale efficiently. Launchpad engages closely with entrepreneurs, investors and small to medium enterprises from around the world to help them grow their ideas, scale their business and increase their profits in the United States.

The US is the world's largest marketplace. It is also the most competitive and expensive location to expand your business. Local or international companies that successfully expand their business in the US focus their initial energy on test-marketing their products and services in the US and thereafter build a robust marketing and business development engine.

During the test-marketing phase automating key portions of your marketing, generating more inbound calls and implementing successful sales programs to conduct your business development faster, better, and cheaper will play a pivotal role in your success in the American market.

Having a trusted partner who can cut through the complexities of running a business in the US is critical to your success. At Launchpad, we take pride in helping the small and medium enterprises from around the world expand and grow their business in USA.

Our advisory services include partner programs, strategic buys/sells and investments.